About the Tower Computing Group

The Tower Computing Group is comprised of a small group of intelligent individuals who have dedicated their lives to computing and technology. Our vast array of capabilities allow us to accomplish almost any project that is placed before us. Tower Computing is currently serving the Orlando, Cocoa, Atlanta, Houston and Los Angeles metropolitan areas.

Our services range from basic computer consulting, graphics design and web development, to advanced networking and security deployment & support. The combined efforts of the membership on this website has lead to literally tens of thousands of workstation deployments, hundreds of server deployments, thousands of web site launches, and hundreds of developed applications. The combined experience of the Tower Computing membership allows our group to design, deploy and complete almost any project imaginable.


Preston Harris
Project Manager

Joe Rivera
IT Director

Edgar Arroyo
Senior Developer

David Edmondson
Systems Administration

Bill Spradlin
3D Modeling & Lighting

Brian Burmiester
Marketing Director

Tracey Smith
Systems Management

John Reinholdt
Network Deployment

Josh Mann
Innovations Expert

Tim Curran

Dedicated Home Theater

New Star Taxi Office

DataSafe Remote Backup

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